An Outdoors Experience in the Kansas Flint Hills


Psalms 66: 5  “Come and see the works of God,”

You, your family and/or friends have an opportunity to enjoy a remote and private ranch as if it is your very own. For a quick look at what is available click on buttons above.


The Pilgrim Ranch headquarters is in rural Cottonwood Falls, Kansas in the heart of the Flint Hills. The ranch is a family owned farm and cattle operation.

As described in the book Prairy Erth by William Least Heath-Moon, “The Flint Hills are the last remaining grand expanse of tallgrass prairie in America. Big bluestem, slough grass and their relatives make the Flint Hills an immense pasturage, nutritionally richer than the bluegrass country of Kentucky. Hills rise to 300 feet from base to crest, but because they belong to the open world of grasses, they dominate the horizon with their symmetrical and flattened tops and their trapezoidal slopes.”

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  • Pilgrim Ranch, Cottonwood Falls, KS

The Pilgrim Ranch, because of its unique settings, offers opportunities for a wide variety of recreational activities. The ranch straddles the South Fork of the Cottonwood River. The ranch’s 2,640 acres are situated in a vast land of wide open spaces with big sky above encompassing hills, pastures, draws, river, tributaries, woods, bottom land, and ponds. Over 600 rich bottomland acres are planted in alfalfa, corn, soybeans, and wheat making a very enticing food source for wildlife.

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It is your choice to do-your-own-thing, or to have guided river canoeing, kayaking, swimming, and fishing, scenic Jeep Wrangler rides through the Flint Hills Prairie, fish the prairie ponds, and deer & turkey hunting in seasons. Enjoy the many outstanding scenic views from the crests of the Flint Hills and observe the wildlife and nature so unique to the native tall-grass prairie. Trail riding is a delight for those that bring their own horse.

You have a choice of cabins here at the ranch for family & friends getaways to enjoy the beauty of the Flint Hills. Lodging accommodations are provided by the ranch headquarters’ Cottage and Bunkhouse. These are separate and private with each outfitted with bedding, linens, towels, kitchen appliances & utensils, and satellite TV.

The Cottage formerly served as a foreman’s residence now serves as very comfortable guest quarters. Generally, it would be booked by a family or friends. The Cottage consists of two bedrooms one with queen bed and the other with two single beds, a third small bedroom with standard double bed, living room, kitchen, bath with shower, and central AC & heat. So there are beds for six sleepers if two couples double up. See Reservations Page for photos of Cottage.

The word “Bunkhouse” continues to be used to preserve its historic nature. Generally, the Bunkhouse would serve as extended overflow lodging for the Cottage. The bunkhouse consists of a large bedroom with two standard double beds, a second large bedroom with one double bed and one single bed, a regular bedroom with two single beds, an open day room with a single bed, living room, kitchen, bath with shower, and AC & gas heat. So there are beds for ten sleepers if three couples double up. See Reservations Page for photos of Bunkhouse.

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