An Outdoors Experience in the Kansas Flint Hills

Deer Hunting

Hunt whitetail deer in the South Fork River valley and surrounding Flint Hills prairie.

Ideal Habitat

The Pilgrim Ranch, because of its unique settings, offers a wide variety for wildlife habitat. The ranch straddles the South Fork of the Cottonwood River. The ranch’s 2,960 acres (2,640 acres home site and 320 acres off site) are situated in a vast land of wide open spaces with big sky above encompassing hills, pastures, draws, river, tributaries, woods, bottom land, and ponds. Over 600 rich bottomland acres are planted in corn, soybeans, and cover crops making a very enticing food source for wildlife. We use no-till farming practices which leaves the ground covered with crop residue throughout the winter. This provides an excellent food source for the wildlife and keeps a very large group of deer permanently on the ranch. Typically, the deer bed down during the daytime on the east side of the river where there is dense woods and upland prairie. In the late afternoon, the deer cross the river to the west side where farm ground provides plenty of food.

Description of Whitetail Firearm Deer Hunt

The Pilgrim family members, who own and operate the farm and cattle ranch, will conduct the Deer Hunts. We will strive to provide a rewarding hunt. Our herd management practices over the past 18 years have established plentiful whitetails with large frames and antlers.

Whitetail deer since 2003:

  • Deer Hunt, Pilgrim Ranch, Cottonwood Falls, KS

Whitetail Firearm Hunt:

Five days hunting and six nights lodging & meals are included in the basic fee.  All hunters have the option for extended stay or return visits at $90.00 per day. Hunters may choose any dates, stay as long as desired, and come during both  Muzzleloader and  Firearm Seasons. See Item 2 below for season dates. Pre-scouting visits are welcome with advance reservations to secure availability of lodging facilities.

We will host 3 firearm hunters during the season on a first come basis. We are currently book up for 2018 season.


  1. Basic Fee: $3,500.00. A deposit of $1,750.00 is required to guarantee reservation. Balance due upon arrival. The deer you harvest is not subject to a Trophy Fee.
  2. Season:
    1. Firearms Season is Nov 28- Dec 08, 2018
    2. Muzzleloader Season is Sep. 12 -25, & Nov 28 – Dec 08, 2018
  3. Permit: Hunter will need to apply for a Resident/Nonresident Deer Permit by making application (draw) to Kansas Dept. of Wildlife and Parks before May 30. (Any Deer/Either Sex) specified for Chase Co / Unit 14.
  4. FYI: Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks, 521 SE 25th Street, Pratt, KS 67124, (316) 672-5911. Kansas Dept of Wildlife & Parks Homepage
  5. License: A Kansas Hunting License is also required. These are sold over-the-counter at many retail stores. Hunter Safety Certification regulations shall be met.
  6. Site Locations: Pilgrim Ranch private lands in Unit 14 & Chase County, Kansas.
  7. Fully Guided Hunt: Drop off and pick up close enough for walk-into site location.
  8. Lodging accommodations: On ranch Cottage and/or Bunkhouse with fully outfitted kitchen.. See Reservations Page (Hyperlink) for photos of accommodations.
  9. Meals: On premises home cooked evening meals will be provided starting on the evening of first hunt day.
  10. Lodging accommodations are smoke free. Alcohol beverages are restricted for safety reasons.
  11. Extreme care to not cause grass or timber fire in the field is essential.
  12. The hunter shall read and sign a Rental Agreement, Release, and Acknowledgment of Risk.
  13. Program Approach: A maximum of 3 hunters will have exclusive access to 2,960 acres during the whitetail deer-hunting season. Guides will scout the land to help determine deer migrations and beddings with minimum intrusion. We believe the natural enhanced habitat and undisturbed conditions will provide the best opportunity for success.

E-mail: [email protected]