An Outdoors Experience in the Kansas Flint Hills


You, your family and/or friends have an opportunity to enjoy a remote and private ranch as if it is your very own.

Making Reservations

Choose desired dates from the “Calendar – Available Dates” below and submit an E-mail request. We will send confirmation e-mail within 48 hours. Any special requests or questions can be addressed at time of confirmation. [email protected]

Photos of Accommodations


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Our apologies for not providing a phone no., but we are all out and about with no one to take the calls. We check our E-mail daily so please send a note.

Calendar – Available Dates – Updated 8/19/2019

Vacations – Scenic, Nature, Fishing, River Fun, & Trail Rides for those that bring their own horse(s):

2019 Calendar – Available Dates

Availability for 2019 —

  • Jan – Done
  • Feb – Done
  • Mar – Done
  • Apr – Done
  • May – Done
  • June – Done
  • July – Done
  • Aug. – Done
  • Sept. – Done
  • Oct.   – None
  • Nov –   None
  • Dec – Reserved for hunting


Discounts for extended stays.

It is best to have two day/nights reservation for ranch activities.

Children 10 and under are free; $15.00/day for youth 11 to 17. (Sales Tax 7.5%; Guest Tax 6.0% are included in the fee):

$100.00/day per single or couple

$45.00 per additional adult, and is applicable for groups that overflow into both lodging facilities

No deposit required, but be assured your reservation will be honored. I wouldn’t want a deposit in the balance to be a factor in event of unexpected occurrence in the weather or you plans. If you can come, please do, if you can’t it is not a problem with us but we would like to know as early as it is discovered.

We do not take credit cards, so check or cash are methods of payment upon your arrive.

Rates include all activities at the ranch including free use of vehicles, water craft, and equipment for fishing.

If you decide to make a reservation we will send a confirmation e-mail with directions.


Pets are not allowed inside the Cottage or Bunkhouse. They can be free running outside, tied up, kept in a kennel, within a large fenced pen with access to shelter, or a small open cage – all available here. This is an absolute restriction to insure that the lodging facilities are suitable clean for all our guests. We have a free running yard dog; very human and dog friendly German Shorthair Pointer.

Accommodations are Smoke Free.

Guest’s horses can be kept in open pens or covered stalls, there is no additional charge for horse’s use of pens.

There is no set check-in/out time.

Whitetail Deer Hunting:

No Open Dates for 2018

February 15, 2019 is the day any openings will be posted for 2019.

Turkey Hunting:

No Open Dates for spring 2018

E-mail: [email protected]